As a patient of Cypress Dentistry and Orthodontics, you'll be presented with many specialties under one roof. Our endodontists are committed to ensuring the health of your tooth pulp is in top condition and will perform speedy root canal treatments if necessary. If you are interested in evening out your smile, we have options like conventional braces and clear teeth aligners. Our orthodontist can discuss the benefits of each option with you. We also have an oral surgeon who focuses on oral and maxillofacial surgeries and wisdom teeth removal. The team's periodontist specializes in placing implants and gum disease treatment. Finally, our hygienists provide preventative treatments and offer valuable insight on how you can maintain your oral health between visits. Cypress Dentistry and Orthodontics also provides general dentistry, including dental crowns, cleanings, and dental fillings. Your oral health is our number one priority. Schedule your next appointment with us today.